Product of the Year Burmester 911MK3

Product of the Year【全文輯錄自「Tone Audio」2009年】

I’ve never said it in five years, but I’ll say it now. This is the best power amplifier I’ve ever heard. It doesn’t matter what speakers or linestage I use in my reference system (though I’ve become pretty
attached to the Burmester 011), the Burmester 911mk. 3 just amplifies music with more clarity, less noise, distortion, coloration and grain than anything I’ve yet experienced.

Everyone that’s heard my system makes the same comment, almost immediately, “It doesn’t sound like tubes or transistors …”

The Burmester gear gave me goosebumps at CES last January, and after a year here, it still never fails to impress. Thanks to its incredibly high level of resolution, the 911mk.3 always gives an accurate read of whatever else is in the system. It’s become a highly valuable tool for evaluating speakers because the 911 mk.3 will drive any load without altering its character. What puts the 911mk.3 above everything else I’ve experienced is that this high level of information retrieval is not at the expense of musical realism. I’ve listened to this amplifier for a number of 12-14 hour days without the slightest bit of fatigue. Like every other Burmester product, the 911 mk.3 is built to last a lifetime. Nothing has been scrimped in any aspect of its mechanical or electrical construction. Evidenced by the mk.3 description, you can rest assured that this amplifier can always be serviced and upgraded to whatever future version Dieter Burmester might someday unveil.